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Help with Webmail attachments

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Help with Webmail attachments

Hi Ben,

I'm what you would call a 'newbie' just getting to grips with PlusNet webmail. After reading your post and noting the 'IT' reference I immediately thought I would tap your brain a bit if you don't mind.

I find the Plusnet webmail so different to my previous TalkTalk one..

Could not understand why an email paperclip attachment sent to me by Thompson did not show up, all I got was a blank page on webmail.

I asked for help but the problem was not solved?

I then had to ask Thompson to send the same message to my TalkTalk email address, where I was able to access it immediately with no problem (basically it was my receipt and needed printing).

I'm still at a loss as I would expect to be able to receive such emails through webmail, any ideas?





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Re: Help with Webmail attachments

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Re: Help with Webmail attachments

Hey Jean,

The attachment email not coming through on your webmail could be a few things, firstly there is a size limit on receiving and sending attachments through webmail of around 8Mb. Although I doubt a receipt would exceed this size limit it could be the cause of not receiving the message. Another reason could be the Thompson email being flagged as spam and therefore not getting through to your inbox. The best way to try work out why this email didn't come through would be to first check the email and make sure it's under the 8Mb mark and then I'd send the same attachment through webmail either plusnet or talktalk to your plusnet inbox and see if it comes through. If so then I presume it'[s the spam filter either placing the mail in your spam folder or it could be blocking all emails from this recipient completely.

Let me know how you get on.