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Email account deleted - customer service person not at all helpful

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Email account deleted - customer service person not at all helpful

I have just found out that my email account has been deleted.   I have kept my Plusnet mobile phone services but changed over the broadband and landline last month.   The changeover was handled by my new broadband provider, I never actually spoke to anyone at Plusnet.   I had no idea that my email account would be deleted, particularly as I have kept 2 mobile services and  if I'd known I was at risk of losing it, I would have asked that the email account be kept open.   I use my Plusnet email for all the home finance!!   This is a disaster.   

I called customer services and the man I spoke to was astonished that I was calling.   He could not understand how I could not have known and kept repeating himself,  "but you deleted the account, you deleted the account, what did you think would happen?  we just followed your instructions.   It's not our responsibility to check whether you want it or not, it's up to you to say you want it."  He just kept going on like this and was quite irate.   I wasn't arguing and I've no doubt he's technically correct and I admitted my own ignorance, but getting on his high horse with a customer is unwarranted and poor customer service.   It's a significant loss and inconvenience.  His whole attitude was off, maybe he's stressed out.  Is there any chance that my emails are still stored somewhere?  Can I get access back?

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Re: Email account deleted - customer service person not at all helpful

Hi @Vangoco 

A warm welcome to the forums.  Oh what a pickle!

The "Sorry your are leaving" communication which you should have received does make it clear that (without a clear notification from the user) all services associated with the account will be lost UNLESS a specific request is made to retain the email account.  That request is required to stop the service termination process totally destroying the account.  I believe that a "stall" flag needs to be set on the account.

The question of can your account still be resurrected as email only needs a staff response ... who are very stretched at the moment.

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Re: Email account deleted - customer service person not at all helpful

Thanks for your post @Vangoco

I'm really sorry to see the experience you've had.

I'll make sure the call you had is listened to and feedback's passed on.

I've made your account a free email only account now, but you'll need to re-setup the email address(es) you've had before. I'd recommend heading on across to Manage My Mail Here (You'll need to login to your account first before clicking on that link). From there if you click on the Mailboxes tab you'll be able to remake them.

Once the email's working again if you find you've lost any mail as a result let me know and I can get them restored for you. I'm out of the office tomorrow but I'll follow things up with you via the support ticket I've created Here.

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