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E-mails to me being bounced back to sender

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E-mails to me being bounced back to sender

I have received a letter from my investment company saying that their emails to me have been bounced back. The email address that they appear to have been using is correct and I have logged in to the shareholder account and double checked contact details there. They have not told me what the bounce-back emails say. However, I note that they have a very long domain (36 characters); is this likely to have an impact on emails from them getting through and is there a way of adding them to a safe senders list. I have done so in Outlook but their emails don't seem to e getting through at all as nothing is showing in the Junk email folder.

Any advice would be welcome.



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Re: E-mails to me being bounced back to sender

"Safe senders" in Outlook only comes "into play" when downloading emails from the Plusnet mailbox - this issue is that they are not getting that far.

I would log into the user portal, go to manage email and check out the Spam settings - you could try putting this sender in the whitelist there.

Without the reason code for the rejections it is rather difficult to comment on the cause.