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Deleting emails from web server

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Deleting emails from web server

I am using Windows 10 Mail to view my Plusnet emails. I delete any emails I don't want from there. Unfortunately that doesn't delete them from Plusnet's server so I am getting close to my limit. Is there a setting somewhere that changes this so that deleting an email in in web client then deletes it from the web server. It's a nuisance having to login in to webmail to delete unwanted emails a second time. 

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Deleting emails from web server

Hi @mdtathome65


As far as i'm aware, actions you undertake on a client (regardless of which client this may be) hold no sway to the server held emails - I'm sorry about that.  


If the emails you are deleting are coming from the same addresses each time/you do not wish to receive mail from this address - may I suggest wither setting up a rule in W10M to auto delete these when they come through, or removing yourself from the mail list this is coming from (there should be an option on the bottom of one of those emails). 

I'm afraid you would, however, need to log into your webmail to delete these from our side. 


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