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Reporting Community Issues

Community Gaffer
Community Gaffer
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Reporting Community Issues

If you spot a bug or issue with the Community we'd really appreciate it if you could provide us with the following information.


  • What browser and version number this was seen on
  • The operating system
  • A description of what is happening compared to what should be happening
  • The steps needed to replicate the problem
  • The URL where the problem occurs
  • A screenshot (if possible) 
  • Any additional information.

If you see a thread that has an issue on it that's like yours, but not quite, please open a separate thread.

Thanks for your support.

 Jono H
 Plusnet Community Manager
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Re: Reporting Community Issues

Really ? - have Plusnet got a new development resource dedicated to maintaining the forum ?

Otherwise is there any point wasting our time reporting anything regarding this community ?

We have been doing that for two years and virtually nothing has been done !.

When we do we either get accused of being our equipment at fault, or Lithium does a reset,

but most of the fundamental problems reported since day one have not been addressed.

All that changes is cocking about to make using the forum more difficult to use, by restricting when edits can be done, more posts disappearing into the spam filter, notification emails getting delayed by many hours, and new posts frequently getting dumped at the very moment [Post] is pressed.

Has anyone actually chased up the fault reports that @jaread83  claimed to have submitted to Lithium - because I'd have a hard time saying if ANY issues have actually been solved.

To be honest I'm fed-up of reporting community problems into a vacuum, when NOTHING gets fixed.

Half the time it's not worth the effort of replying to other customers asking for help, as the chances are the 'Rich Text' editor will screw up, the page format will require an inordinate amount of time to get right, or the the effort of composing a post will be lost when the page crashes out for some inexplicable reason.

As has happened to many of the long time forum contributors that have given up contributing here, I'm inclined to spend my time helping on other platforms where the majority of the effort of composing a worthwhile, helpful and coherent reply isn't outweighed by the time wasted fighting the forum software.

This forum used to be a great community, but has dwindled into insignificance since Plusnet seem to have given up supporting what they already have or developing new products and technologies.


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Re: Reporting Community Issues

I have a lot of empathy for your frustrations. Might we though document a few issues as has been requested then let’s see if Lithium delivers any improvement or simply hangs their neck in very visible nooses? On this occasion the message to Lithium needs to be do or die.

There are a lot of Lithium services out there - I’m not aware if they suffer the same issues as does this instance. I believe this instance was a new technology trail blazer ... one wonders if that has any bearing on our experience?