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Post editting by mod and spam filter

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Post editting by mod and spam filter

Can @Strat check with @jaread83 re the sequence of events with this post


I saw the post as it was originally posted with the original private information and then replied to it using the reply box under the post

Then when attempting to post I got the usual - access forbidden - popup

So which happened first - releasing from the spam filter or moving the post to a hidden board for the picture to be modified

If releasing from the spam filter before I posted my reply at 12.35 and then it taking ages for the personal info to be removed during which time it was unavailable (almost 20 minutes) which tends to suggest that the procedure is somewhat slower than I would have expected

The reason for posting here is the other possibility that it was recovered from the spam filter after the graphic was munged but that implies that it got through the spam filter as originally posted but was trapped after the strat sorted it which shouldn't have happened

Note that the two notes from strat would have been expected to have been in time order (the first action before the second action) which is why I first started thinking about it

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Re: Post editting by mod and spam filter

When the message is editted it gets a new ID when it is the OP. When you tried to reply to the OP, that ID was changed so you were effectively replying to a message that no longer exists.

This only happens when it is the OP as its the first message in a topic.

That's what I think happens anyway...

FYI the message was editted multiple times in a short amount of time too. You probably hit the reply button between states which is what probably caused the error.

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Re: Post editting by mod and spam filter

The multiple edits I did was an attempt to tidy up the post by removing some of the formatting inherited from the BT site.

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