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Plusnet User Group

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Plusnet User Group

Not sure where to put this but here seemed sort of reasonable(ish) Smiley

I've just accidentally clicked on Ye Olde link to the Plusnet User Group that I've had lying around for donkey's years ... and, ummmm, couldn't help thinking isn't it kinda (well past) time that it was finally put out of it's misery ?

I think the last time that I managed to do a similar thing was absolutely ages ago and there'd been no obvious updates for several years then. The home page was also decorated with server/database error messages various and the forums totally stuffed. Much the same today it would appear so it doesn't seem likely that anything much has changed since last time or anyone with any significant interest has even stopped by to notice. Not a good look really after years of useful service Sad

I know it's not a PN responsibility as such (other than as hardware provider) but if it warrants keeping in place for historic reasons or whatever then perhaps someone (PN or otherwise) should at least kick the server occasionally and/or fix whatever the errors actually are ?

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Re: Plusnet User Group

seems the server has run out of disk space.
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