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Forum's HTML cleaner is somewhat dirty (aka shabby!)

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Forum's HTML cleaner is somewhat dirty (aka shabby!)

It is evident that the parts of this technology stack which cleanses HTML is somewhat shabby and makes a total mess of things which out not to be touched at all.  It can been seen in a number of places, notably the phone UI editor (especially when editing an existing post) and (just observed) in the signature editor on the desktop.

Specifically, typing the following into the signature editor...

 <a ... title="PlusNet (hidden) resource:&#10;User&#39;s support tickets (last 30 days)">


Correctly displays as...

Signature help tip.png


Unfortunately on returning to the signature editor, the HTML has become...

<a ... title="PlusNet (hidden) resource:
User&#39;s support tickets (last 30 days)">


Which after saving displays as...

Signature help tip 2.png


On returning to the signature editor, the HTML is now...

<a ... title="PlusNet (hidden) resource:&lt;br&gt;User&#39;s support tickets (last 30 days)">


I suspect that this is all related to the crunching of @jaread83 's much improved TinyMC editor settings ... the same ones which trashed the edit in HTML options and the spell checking options.

Can the vendor please reinstate / repair what was not broken previously here?


On the phone editor, when re-editing text which contains a double space <space><space> it becomes <space>&nbsp; existing @links get zapped, yet typed ones are correctly parsed ... whilst weblinks are retained (or at least reformatted) ... none of these fall into removing rich formatting, nor good enough for "That'll do".

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