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Current Issues List (14/4/16)

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Current Issues List (14/4/16)

All - I've created this here, so I can pin it, as opposed to being buried in thread

The main issues we're working on at the moment are below. I'll keep you updated on these each day, after we've had our daily call with Lithium:

1  Password reset - This includes both users who can't get the email and those who get stuck in a loop resetting it - this is our number 1 Priority- Fix applied 15/4, awaiting confirmation all ok
(18/4) Whilst we're seeing no new contacts regarding this, we have a user who has tested it and still can't receive the email. Their details are with Lithium whilst they continue to investigate.

2  Avatar migration issues - This is pending closure, as we believe it's now resolved but just doing final checks - Fix applied 14/4 - Closed

3  Blog redirects - blog posts have multiple redirects and some are pointing to 404 pages.
(18/4) This isn't affecting SEO and therefore once confirmed from Marketing, we will be closing
(29/04) Closed
4  Duplicate Accs - This relates to users who now have 2 accounts i.e. User and User1. We gave 2 data files to Lithium, one containing users from the Blog and one from the Community. Our expectation was, these would be merged to the primary User however, they've been migrated as separate users. This is obviously really frustrating and we're working on a resolution to maintain the integrity of the Community username and all numbers associated with it.
(18/4) Still being investigated
(29/4) This was allowed to happen due to a migration issue and it's been confirmed this will not happen again. We've asked for full root cause analysis.

5  Security Certificate - This is pending closure - Customers receiving nag screen up to 5 times, appears to be on mobile only. Lithium cannot reproduce this and we don't seem to be seeing this anymore. Awaiting users to come back and advise if they're still seeing this - Fix applied 13/4 - Closed

6  onClick Issues - * ?Username/Avatar in top right (Pop-out menu) * Log in link (modal login) * Post Options (drop down) * Thread Options (Drop down). Fix was applied yesterday to this, but it hasn't worked and is still being investigates
(18/4) Pushed from Staging to Prod and retested - issue is still happening therefore, back with Lithium.
(19/4) Pushed fix live, tested and problems no longer visible. This was to do with some tracking code we had on the Community. Case now closed

I'm working through your posts and picking everything else up and will keep you updated on how that's going.