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Latest Plusnet News

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Latest Plusnet News

The 'Who's Online' section is a bit banal.

It shows a list of avatars with no user names and since most users don't bother with avatars almost all I see it a lengthy list of blank unnamed silhouettes.


And the size! I'm using a large-screen desktop and the avatars are over 2cm in size - surely there's some way to adjust this forum between a large desktop and a small mobile phone! It's almost all white space and giant buttons.

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Re: Latest Plusnet News

I belive its ON the multitude of TO FIX list Knuppel

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Re: Latest Plusnet News

I doubt this is on the fix list.  The very issue described above - no names, faceless avatars and the space they take up - were all discussed during the trial and dismissed.  I lobbied for a simple list of coloured names (as per SMF) and did not win the debate.  Part of the answer was that users' names are disclosed on mouse over hover which works not on touch screens found on mobile devices.

To my thinking, this is not in line with the prime premise of choosing this technology - to be more mobile friendly.

We are though now stuck with this - may be if more of the user base raises the same reservations as were made in testing, the decisions not to change might be revisited.

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Re: Latest Plusnet News

I'm looking at trying to find the magic blocking/CSS override code to remove the "Who's Online" as it is a total waste of space.


I have also blocked the whole of the section below the useful links buttons as it takes up over half of the screen on my desktop screen which is normal HD monitor. If I need the links, I just have to temporarily stop the adblocker.

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Re: Latest Plusnet News

The id you're looking for is id="users-online-wrapper" if you set this div to hidden is should work for you.

Like this: