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Attaching images/files to posts

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Attaching images/files to posts

Privacy issues were mentioned elsewhere in connection with using Flickr images in posts and even referencing an image in ones own web-space can reveal more than the poster perhaps intends.
Adding the facility to attach images/files to posts as provided on the PUG forums would avoid such privacy issues and make the forums self-contained so that deletion of the source image/file would not break the post.  The enlargeable thumbnail view used on the PUG forums also facilitates reviewing a topic without the image intruding.
Please can this facility be added?
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Attaching images/files to posts

I believe it's being looked at at the moment. It was switched on but there was a reason it was turned off a week or so ago. I'll check up on it.
Dave Tomlinson
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