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Upgrade to fibre - mid contract

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Upgrade to fibre - mid contract

We're currently a little over half way through our 24m business contract with Plusnet.

Had an issue a while ago with service speeds and connection reliability, which necessitated an engineer visit and a replacement master socket and some other repairs to the wiring on the Openreach side. It's helped, but ultimately coming to the conclusion that the speeds we're getting aren't going to cut it in a business environment, so thought I'd look at upgrading - obviously happy to re-contract for a further 24m term etc.

We're currently paying £13 for unlimited broadband and £10.50 line rental. When I try to upgrade it's wanting to charge me £33 for the unlimited fibre plus £10.50 line rental, so £43.50 in total - yet as a new customer Plusnet are advertising £22 a month for unlimited fibre including line rental, so half the price!

I obviously understand new customer deals, but surely as a existing loyal customer (with 2 sites - we transferred our other shop to Plusnet 6 months or so ago when the existing contract came to an end) there should be a reasonable deal to upgrade? As I'm afraid £43.50 a month isn't a particularly attractive proposition, and less so when I know it's half the price others would be paying for the same service.




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Re: Upgrade to fibre - mid contract


There is a lot to consider here.  Is the speed you are getting over ADSL markedly less than what was expected?  If yes, then there is a fair chance that there remains a fault on your phone line, which if it is the d-side (cabinet to premises) then FTTC is not going to be as good as it might be.

It would be useful to see your ADSL router stats to see if the line is performing well for its attenuation.

As for the price of upgrading, yes you will be looking at a new contract.  It is ALWAYS better to phone up the Customer Options Team (COTS) aka "Retentions" and negotiate ... always ask if that is really the best available deal.  Even "thank you ... I'll go away and think about it ... look at other providers".  Then call back a few days later and see if you get a better offer.  Note that to some extent Plusnet have you by the short n curly here, as to move during your existing contact will cost you in Early Termination Charges ... unless your current speed is below the guarrenteed speed, Plusnet has been given time and full cooperation to resolve the issue and / or BT Openreach has "thrown in the towel" on fixing the issue.

However, if it has come to that, then another ISP is not going to fare any better, for they will be using the same telephone line.

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