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WiFi Coverage

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WiFi Coverage

Hi all, we have had Plusnet wifi for around 2 months now and are having difficulties with consistent coverage. I know that part of the problem is that we have rented an old farmhouse with thick walls and the main BT socket is at one end of the building. We currently use a Netgear extender [that we used in a previous property with BT wifi], but suffer from dropped signals when moving around and also from our smart TV dropping out. After trying the usual channel checks, re-booting etc. to no avail and still having problems, I tried and failed to set up a TP Link router/modem that I hoped would fix the problem.

Is it possible to use a TP Link AC1600 wireless Modem Router with Plusnet, or have they imposed some sort of block? I tried for hours to set it up without success.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Re: WiFi Coverage

No block on using your own router / modem. I use my own TP Link C7 and Vigor 130 modem and connect with no problems but I would say, it didn't work when I failed to input the username in the correct format. If it is correct it should connect automatically to Plusnet. There is a guide on here somewhere.

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Re: WiFi Coverage

Which tp link modem/router do you have? AC1600 shows it has 5GHz capability, it is not the model.

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Re: WiFi Coverage

Settings required can be found at