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Stuck profile

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Stuck profile

My profile seems to be stuck on 5.5Mb.
I have been connected at 6816Kbps for >5 days and my BT speedtest profile has been 6Mbps for >24hrs.

Another point; my estimated line speed is 1Mb (between 1-3) and as i mention my connection speed is 6816kbps, does this low estimate have any bearing on the "fault threshold rate" of my adsl connection; if so would a full line reset also reset the FTR?
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Re: Stuck profile

Hi there,
I've just been through a linetest and the latest profile report we've received shows as 5500, that's why our side hasn't updated. I'm going to manually adjust it to 6000 and see if that helps.
Your FTR isn't based on the estimate, it's based on the line itself and stands at 4556.
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 Chris Parr
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