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Router Keeps Restarting

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Router Keeps Restarting

Our router keeps restarting. It has restarted twice today already (plus once in the early hours of the morning) and multiple times over the past few days. I have checked a couple of other posts here and have looked at our log and can see where it restarts, but can't understand why or what to do about it. 

This is an example of the WAN log from the most recent restart:

15:46:30, 09 Jan.(284084.190000) PPPoE is up -​ Down Rate=16812Kbps, Up Rate=3334Kbps; SNR Margin Down=6.4dB, Up=6.1dB
15:46:30, 09 Jan.(284084.170000) CHAP authentication successful
15:46:30, 09 Jan.(284084.140000) CHAP Receive Challenge
15:46:30, 09 Jan.(284084.140000) Starting CHAP authentication with peer
15:46:30, 09 Jan.(284084.140000) PPP LCP Receive Configuration ACK
15:46:30, 09 Jan.(284084.130000) PPP LCP Send Configuration Request
15:46:30, 09 Jan.(284084.130000) PPP LCP Receive Configuration Reject
15:46:30, 09 Jan.(284084.130000) PPP LCP Send Configuration ACK
15:46:30, 09 Jan.(284084.120000) PPP LCP Receive Configuration Request
15:46:30, 09 Jan.(284084.120000) PPP LCP Send Configuration Request
15:46:09, 09 Jan.(284063.840000) PTM over DSL is up
15:45:34, 09 Jan.(284028.540000) PTM over DSL is down after 291 minutes uptime
15:45:34, 09 Jan.(284028.530000) PPPoE is down after 290 minutes uptime [Waiting for Underlying Connection (WAN Ethernet 7 -​ Down)]
15:45:28, 09 Jan.(284022.660000) PPP LCP Send Termination Request [User request]


It states User Request, but neither person in the house was anywhere near to the box at the time. 

Can anyone assist in trouble shooting this? Nothing has changed with out set up recently. 

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Re: Router Keeps Restarting

Hello Betty,

A warm welcome to the forums.

When you state "Our router keeps restarting" do you mean that it power-cycles or that it simply resyncs?  restart and a resync are distinctly different events.

The syslog extract shows neither...

  • A power down event
  • A time reset which would be expected after a restart

The uptime of the previous PPP session was a little under 5 hours, suggesting that the last drop was around 10:30 today.  Does that time correlate with anything happening in the home - the use of the telephone, central heating switching of / off?  This sounds like a line stability issue, not a router doing a power cycle.


I will ask the mods to move this post to the broadband board.

Broadband is not going to work well if the "phone" line is not working properly.

Please perform a quiet line test - dial 17070 select option 2 using a phone plugged into the test socket behind the face plate of the master socket (ideally this should be a corded phone). The line should be silent. A noisy phone line (or no dial tone) will have a marked adverse impact on the performance of broadband.

If the line is noisy or there is no dial tone, then a PHONE LINE fault needs to be raised with your phone provider. If this is PlusNet, you can report a fault on line using the button below. NB: You need to put your LANDLINE NUMBER after "PHONE" [missing instruction].


How is your line performing?

Please post your router stats (include line speed, attenuation, SNRM, uptime and if available, error counts); for PN routers use the buttons below, for other routers look at the Kitz link.

Also run a BT Wholesale speed test (ideally using an Ethernet wired PC with the WiFi turned off) then run the further diagnostics, download the .PDF report and post the results here. DO NOT REBOOT the router!

Check the Plusnet user portal for the "Current Line Speed" which is relevant to users with static IP addresses.


Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: Router Keeps Restarting

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