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Red Power light

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Red Power light

Noticed my WiFi wasn't working yesterday. Checked the router and the power light was red. Tried turning the router off and resetting it but the power light briefly turns green but keeps going back to red.
Any Ideas?
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Re: Red Power light

Has it ever worked/ what type of router is it?
Ensure you're entering username/ password exactly as per documentation issued.
If you've done that, try temporarily turning off security settings on router & connected devices
to see if a handshake is achieved. If that connects problem is the security settings on router & devices
don't match.
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Re: Red Power light


Hi @sueN


I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but a red power light is unfortunately the indicator of a hardware fault with your router - essentially it will need replacing.


Given that you're currently out of contract, I would strongly suggest having a chat with our Customer Options Team to see if they can offer you a cheaper deal - it is fairly common for a router to be included in this process without charge (barring postage costs) and this would effectively provide you with a replacement without additional cost to yourself (you'll likely save money on your monthly bill in the process) - they can be contacted on 0800 328 4624 at your convenience (8-8 Monday to Friday, 9-7 Saturday, 9-6 Sunday).


Obviously, you're also able to replace the faulty unit under your own steam, but given your current situation, it may be more economical to go down the recontract route if you were happy to stay with us anyway.


Best wishes