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No Internet

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No Internet

I had my phone line at my workshop reconnected a few months back but the internet has never worked. I have tried what is suggested on the Plusnet site but I don't have a landline to plug in or another router. I haven't been able to get to my workshop much so haven't worried but am paying for internet which has never worked. I tried to call Plusnet but was just on hold so had to give up as I had work to do. The Power, broadband and WiFi lights on the router are green and the internet is red. Is this likely to be a problem at my end or with the service?
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Re: No Internet

Hi @MitchBell 

Given the long wait times when calling Plusnet I recommend you would follow the online troubleshooter using mobile data to connect to the web site.

Depending on the results of the process a fault ticket will be raised with Plusnet.

I also recommend you but or borrow a landline phone to aid the troubleshooting.

It is useful to prove that you actually have a phone line connection and to test for noise on the line.

A landline phone is not expensive to buy.

For example: