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New to PlusNet - Router not online

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New to PlusNet - Router not online

Hi, I had my router and phone line set up by the Openreach engineer yesterday morning. I was told my broadband would be online by midnight last night, but as of 5:30pm today, it still isn't working and the router is showing an orange light with a red broadband symbol. I'm wondering if this is an issue, or if it's just that my internet hasn't been connected yet? 

I'm also concerned that despite paying £75 on the 18th August, I'm being asked to pay another £22 on Friday, for a service I haven't even had access to yet. 

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Re: New to PlusNet - Router not online

@megsch Welcome to the forums. Have you had an email or text from Plusnet to advise you that the broadband order has completed? Does the phone work?

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: New to PlusNet - Router not online

Good morning @megsch

Thanks for reaching out. I've just had a look into the account and can see that whole the order itself completed on 31/08/2021, the component didn't activate on our end until the following day - looks like it had to be done manually. In regards to your billing, the fee that you paid up front puts the account in credit, so you won't actually be billed again until 30 days after the account goes live.

 Plusnet Help Team - Leeds