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Multiple disconnections and declining speeds (again)

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Multiple disconnections and declining speeds (again)


As is usual, I am again experiencing disconnections and dropping speeds.

This happens every year and after going through all the normal line testing, master socket rigmarole someone from BT generally turns up, works some magic and things are OK again for a while.

One BT engineer told me some time ago that the cable running through trees and increasing temperatures would cause a problem with the signal and cause the exchange to try and rectify things. Well, the tree is still there, the cable is still there and temperatures are rising again so not beyond the realms of possibility. We have also had, as you will be aware cold, rain, and winds which all seem to have adverse effects on my connection.

Anyway, I managed to grab my speeds as the disconnects started last night and they were 12534 down and 29999 down.

After the latest series of resets I am now seeing this

Upstream Downstream
Current Rate(kbps) 12263 27400
Max Rate(kbps) 12193 44301
SNR Margin(dB) 6.7 13
Line Attenuation(dB) 0 22.5
Errors(pkts) 0 0


My speeds were a LOT higher than this (up to 39999 at times) so I wonder if someone could have a look and get someone to reset things at the exchange which was the action taken last time this happened.

Thanks in advance,

Chris Swann



Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Multiple disconnections and declining speeds (again)

@dc8 -  Yes something's not right, you're banded at 30 but you not even reaching that so I cant do anything my side to improve things. I'll DM you to go though it.

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