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Latency Spikes on the home network

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Latency Spikes on the home network

I'm experiencing latency spikes on my broadband connection.  When ping something on the internet (, every minute or so a packet would take around 500ms to return. I thought it might be a problem on the internet but then tested it with a ping to the home router and got the same.  Wifi or Ethernet, same result.

If I reboot the router the problem goes away but then next time I go to play online games (so the next evening) its back and requires another reboot.  Obviously I don't want to have to reboot my router every day.

The router is a Hub One with firmware ''  Is this the most recent?

It is possible that another device is causing this but I feel like the router should be able to handle this which is why I'm thinking it is either faulty or has a bug in the firmware.



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Re: Latency Spikes on the home network


xxx.263 is the latest firmware.

Yes it has bugs. You can read through the router board to get a view of these.

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