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Internet is disconnecting every few mins tonight

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Internet is disconnecting every few mins tonight

Long story short, my internet is currently disconnecting every 10 mins for the last 2-3 hours. It reconnects after about 5 mins. I have noticed the below enties in the router, that maybe nothing to do with it, but co-incide with my outages.

DNS resolve timeout for
DNS resolve timeout for

When it is connected the speed is fine, I have not really had any problems in a long time.

Can anyone advise,as we have not had many problems with Plunet until recently.
I use a TP link VR400 router as the plus net  one was a nightmare with wifi. Router stats below.
Upstream     Downstream
Current Rate (kbps)     11040     69346
Max Rate (kbps)     11209     69358
SNR Margin (dB)     6.1     6.2
Line Attenuation (dB)     15.1     9
Errors (pkts)     0     0

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Re: Internet is disconnecting every few mins tonight

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Re: Internet is disconnecting every few mins tonight

Hi @nirvana 

are you still getting the problem? Did you notice if the Errors (pkts) Downstream were incrementing as this could suggest noise on the line, every time the VR400 reconnects the status readings would be reset to zero.

Worth checking the phone line for noise by dialling 17070 accepting option 2 quiet line test. Best performed using a wired phone.

If you have a 5c Master Socket check the faceplate is fully plugged into place as a poor connection here can cause line noise. also try connecting the VR400 to the test socket found behind the faceplate. You may require a DSL inline filter for this check.

Some of the above check are required as part of the fault logging process so it's worth a try.

You can raise a fault at




Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Internet is disconnecting every few mins tonight

Hiya @nirvana


I'm really sorry you are experiencing a issue with your connection and for the hassle this is causing. 


I can see that you have been in touch with our faults team and they have booked an engineer here. They will be back in touch once the appointment has concluded with the next step forward, but please come back to me if you need me to chase an update. 



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