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Intermittent drop outs

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Intermittent drop outs



Over the past month noticed noticed my connection drops out, mostly at later hours around 10 PM onwards but could be happening at other times when I'm not home. 


When I login to the router it will said "DLS Down", it'll automatically reconnect after 1 - 5 mins, then drop out again shortly after. 


Is there any checks you can do and get back to me? Can you see anything from your end? 


Please let me know if you need any more info. 

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Re: Intermittent drop outs

Hi @John_Smith


Thank you for your query, sorry for the delay in responding.


Since your post, I can see that the drops have become less frequent. As per the graph below;


Having performed a test, I am unable to find a fault that would be causing the issue. Therefore, we would need to ask that you complete some troubleshooting steps.


In addition, connecting your router through the master socket as shown here. If the issue persists, please log a fault with us to investigate further.

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 Katie C
 Plusnet Help Team