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Dial Up Connection problems

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Dial Up Connection problems

Hi, just found my old PC (running Windows XP Home version!) and recall using a dial-up internet connection with it about 8 years ago ... but can't get it to work now.  I've plugged the phone line from the back of the PC in to a "BT phone socket" on the landing, but no joy. How do I set up a new account and password to make it work? I've got a PlusNet router that works fine with my Asus tablet computer.  On the desktop there's Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and a shortcut to "Tiscali Connect" (?). All help much appreciated. Stay safe!


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Re: Dial Up Connection problems

I believe that the Dial-Up service was discontinued about 8 years (or more?) ago due to falling demand for low speed connectivity. 

Seems I was a bit pessimistic about when it closed.  It was January 2015! 

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Re: Dial Up Connection problems

@RangerDave To use a desktop PC with the PN modem/router, you will have to connect the two together by ethernet cable.

The 'phone line' will need to be disconnected - it would never work anyway.

Having connected as I have said above,the desktop should work with no further action, but bearing in mind it is running an old, unsupported OS, I would caution against using it for anything important that requires passwords &c to be sent over the web.