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Connection is an abomination

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Connection is an abomination



I'm getting extremely frequent disconnects dozens of times each day. It's almost constantly dropping connnection.


I've tried all the tests such as rebooting, doing a factory reset and using a different microfilter.


On top of this the download speed is very slow at about 2Mb/s and the router signal is low at about 2-3 bars when I'm right next to it.

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Re: Connection is an abomination

@Dan353 Run through this topic: and please paste the results of the tests in your reply - may give us a clue as to what is wrong.

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Re: Connection is an abomination

Has the same for months now. Have totally lost internet now and no response from plusnet for last 4 days.

Support team have no knowledge and sent me an article about Wi-Fi signal. Constant disconnects, all reported by my router and plusnet authors servers at fault. Currently no auth server accessible.

But hey. Must be my fault.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Connection is an abomination

Hi @Dan353


Thanks for your time today.

As discussed, engineer visit was already arranged for tomorrow. You can view and answer to open faults ticket here


Please accept apologies for this inconvenience.