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Broadband still down after storm Arwen

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Broadband still down after storm Arwen

Hi, Our Plusnet broadband has been down since last Sat 27 Nov (due to storm Arwen). We're in the Whitchurch area (01948). I've just texted the support bot (07800008121) and it says that it won't be fixed until 17/12/21?!?! I've tried rebooting the router on several occasions in the last week (including manually inputting my username/password) all to no avail. Neighbours on BT broadband are back up and running. Please can anyone suggest how I get it resolved?

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Re: Broadband still down after storm Arwen

This is going to become a bigger and bigger problem as the power grid fail to supply need whether through storms or just plain lack of capacity. 

You need a 240v supply to your router and probably to recharge your tablet and phone too. The noisy cheap smelly way is a twostroke petrol generator but probably the best supply is a 240v AC invertor which converts 12v from a good car battery to mains voltage.  A good one should power your fridge freezer too as well as the central heating system. 

Not cheap for a couple of kilowattts output but we are probably going to have to face this situation every winter from now on.

As an afterthought some (IIRC) phone companies give you free 4 or 5G if you have no powere supply but phones can be charged easily from your car.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Broadband still down after storm Arwen

Hello @Paulie_Macc

Thanks a lot for reaching out and I'm really sorry to hear that your service has been affected by the recent storm. You're right, I've just checked the line and the current ERT from Openreach is 17/12/2021.

We can't really do anything on our end in terms of bringing this forward I'm afraid, other than apologise for the inconvenience this has inevitably caused. Sad

 Plusnet Help Team - Leeds