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Activation and reward

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Activation and reward

Firstly, having joined Plusnet partly due their customer service reputation I've been quite disappointed with the quality of that service since joining. I tried using Live Chat (not available), calling (disconnected because 'very busy') and twitter (no response and I'm not a fan of using twitter to discuss problems). I'm left with posting on a semi-public forum, which seems like a ridiculous way to deal with issues.

I signed up to Plusnet on December 13, had my phone line activated on December 15 and am expecting my broadband to be activated December 21-24 next week. However I've not heard anything about my router being dispatched, which is concerning given Christmas is coming and deliveries may be delayed and I still have no idea when my service will be activated.

Moreover I signed up via the Uswitch website and was offered a £60 reward for signing up, I've not had any information about how to claim this back. 

Any help on these two problems would be very much appreciated,


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Re: Activation and reward

I too read the customer service reviews and signed up. I had an email a couple of weeks ago telling me they'd set up the direct debit and since then.............nothing.I have no idea when my date to go live is or anything. I suspect that *next* year, the customer service reviews will be a lot different and not so good.Luckily, I'm still within my 14 days so I shall be cancelling tomorrow.