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Extremely low downstream SNR

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Extremely low downstream SNR

Well - sorted my speed problem (hopefully), now I've got another query.
I mentioned in my previous thread that my downstream noise seemed low, but it didn't seem to affect my browsing before 9PM or so, which wasn't a problem as I'm normally offline by then anyway.
However, last night I was out until around 7PM, came back and tried to refresh my tabs only to find they wouldn't - no response at all Cry
Logged into the router to see a downstream SNR varying between 0.75/1.2, and gave up.
Got up this morning expecting to see an improvement but was disappointed. I managed open my browsers and get them to reload the tabs - slowly - but trying to browse after that was impossible. Gave up, opened RouterStats, and the results can be seen below. Nothing worked properly until around 0715.
Just lost connection again - quick check on the router showed a ds noise margin of -51dB.
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Re: Extremely low downstream SNR

Hi Jab1,
How was your connection over the weekend? I can see that there was a few disconnections over the weekend, were the disconnections caused by you?