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php form scripts need a modif

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php form scripts need a modif

I have a couple of php scripts on my ccgi webspace for my customers to fill in a form which is then directed to the people who can deal with the details with the original customers email address as the sender so that "reply to" can be used on recipients email client. All working ok except the senders address shows up as
"plusnet user [name@original.sender]". How can I get rid of the plusnet user part.  In my script the "$from" is "-f $visitormail" where visitormail is originators email address. Any ideas ?
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Re: php form scripts need a modif

Would need to see the php script to see exactly what your are looking for. I have not used Plus Nets webspace since about 2004 when the CCGI server crashed and everything disappered. Was running similar scripts on it before that without the issue your are describing though.
On another point if the issue is something to do with using your plus net webspace my I suggest looking into external hosting? I switched to Eukhost Linux reseller after the crash and have never looked back. You would have endless options and flexability and Cpanel/WHM is really simple to use.