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i-UX1 Connector

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i-UX1 Connector

Following on from my purchase of the Yamaha P115 keyboard I am thinking of getting a cheap second-hand iPad 2 (minimum specs) to add further functionality like extra voices, and so on. The cheapest I can find a connector is over 50 squid and I have spent a fair amount already and that does seem rather expensive. The connector is as below:


But I am wondering if I am correct in thinking the following two connectors would do the job at a fraction of the price Both together at less that £6:



Also, I gather that if I do get an iPad 2 it can be updraged to iOS 6 (minimum) or 7. It looks easy to do from Google searches but are there and issues/pitfalls I should be aware of?

Edit: links to the above connectors:


Female Type A to Male Type B

Genuine Apple 30-Pin to USB Cable

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