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Windows 11 - install/reinstall without a Microsoft account

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Windows 11 - install/reinstall without a Microsoft account

in another post  @notcloud   link    Don't let Microsoft get away with this! - YouTube


after re-installing Windows 11 Pro a few times it grated me  how they forced everyone to creating an MS account.

There is a difference between Win 11 Home and Pro tho' i cant remember,  anyway even disconnecting from router MS wanted an account, so i created an account, then deleted that **admin user after installing then created a new admin user after iwith no MS Account, anyway the above YT video clearly shows how and why's etc. and straight off how not too.

After seeing this video just may re-install from clean iso again,Windows gets gunky imo.   Yes a drag, but i normally save any config programs i can like OpenShell settings i normally save my entire desktop (millions of items) take a screen shot of installed programs, save browser faves and pwd's etc and clean install, a good few hours work, start to finnish.

to download MS iso  i think you need an  account  cant recall offhand  from Dev or beta channels, thats another story but anyway once you have whatever Windows iso. installing from say usb is a breeze and without the MS account.


ps  in order to delete the user with the account you need to first enable the administrators account from which allows you to  delete and create a user without an account. this you can do  without re-installing and using above YouTube videos good advice/help.   ie if currently have an account make another simply copy your desktop/downlaods whatever into new non MS account new user. 

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Re: Windows 11 - install/reinstall without a Microsoft account

I've installed several copies of W11 (Pro and Home) and NONE have an associated Microsoft account.

They don't make it easy to do it without one but there's usually a way through.

One install I think I missed the relevant prompt (it would have been tiny and obscure anyway) and not wanting to go back I carried on and used an account. Removed it later, it's not difficult.