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What are the total costs for customers switching to VOIP service

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Re: What are the total costs for customers switching to VOIP service

HP sauce Said: If their broadband supplier gives them a socket to plug their phone into and it's the same number as always and just works at a similar price, that's all they want.


Which is exactly what I would be looking for but alas, these VOIP or Dect phones confuse the hell out of me although I do admit to only reading a few articles here and there so far. I always wanted to stay with Plusnet for my FTTC (or at some stage, FTTP) when that becomes available/only option once the copper stuff goes. But because I`m still wired to the old copper network, the phone line issue will no doubt be the nagging issue. 


What I`ve read and understand thus far is, if I want both BB & Phone line together with the same provider, my choices would be BT, Vodafone, Zen and a few others listed. Plusnet (so far) have said they won`t provide the phone line part, so that will leave me with two options. Stay with PN for my ongoing BB and look for a separate phone provider, but that means paying for two separate entities which I`d rather avoid. Mainly for reasons of not dealing with two entities.


I`m also not sure what this means for someone like me who is currently on FTTC:

"The analogue phone system is closing at the end of 2025 and all FTTC lines converted to SoGEA? the wires will remain connected to the exchange?"....🤔


So is it safe to say that I should just recontract with Plusnet when my current contract ends around October this year and sit tight and wait to hear if Plusnet (mid-contract) inform me that I need to find another landline provider or switch (free of charge without termination fees) to another provider altogether? 

I`m sure there are many internet/phone contracts stuck with this very situation. Would be nice if I could just plug an existing home phone into the back of the router and find that calls can be made/received just the same again without much hassle. Or is that wishful thinking?