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VPN on Hub ONE

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VPN on Hub ONE

Hi, can someone tell me if it's possible set up a VPN on my Plusnet Hub One Router? New to all this and want to cover all devices connecting through my Network Connection ie Firestick, Smart TVs x 4, PC, Laptops x 2, Xbox x 2 and 4 mobile phones. Is this possible, if not what's the best way to cover all of them and can someone point me in the right direction please?



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Re: VPN on Hub ONE

@Shellart  Welcome to the forum.

Sorry but you can't install VPN on a Plusnet device. There's nothing stopping you from buying a third party ADSL/VDSL modem/router and installing a VPN on that. The setting instructions for third party devices is here


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Re: VPN on Hub ONE

IF you have a windows PC you can set it up to accept incoming VPN connections - you then need to setup the port forwarding in the hubone. Come back to me if you want help with that.

Of course you then need to leave the PC running however it will act as your endpoint into your network when connecting from outside the network.

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Re: VPN on Hub ONE

fwiw, if you go down the new router option, it could get very expensive.


Consider what VPN protocol you wish to use.  Nord for example no longer supports PPTP or L2TP 



OpenVPN requires a router with powerful processor.  I can't think of any VDSL modem router which offers Openvpn client at decent speed. The ageing Asus DSL-AC68u may be only good for 16 mbps if it has a dated MIPS processor.


If you keep the Plusnet hub and buy a new router to plug into it.  £35 RT-AC51u can offer 12 mbps openvpn speeds.  £170 RT-AC86u can handle up to 70 mbps apparently out of the box.


For L2TP protocol, most routers (without a modem) from Asus, Dlink, Linksys, Netgear, Tplink etc are likely to work but don't quote me.  Example for ExpressVPN with a TPlink Archer C7.  You'll get much faster vpn speeds than with openvpn on same router. (Sorry, I can't quote a figure for C7 for L2TP) 


Then there is running DDWRT and OpenWrt firmware on compatible routers, but that opens up a whole new can of worms....such as wifi compatibility.    An Archer C7 is only good for around 16 mbps openvpn speeds on OpenWrt btw.


Some websites and streaming services can block VPNs too if detected.

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Re: VPN on Hub ONE

You might be able to use a Raspberry Pi as a VPN server.

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Re: VPN on Hub ONE

Yes, a Raspberry Pi 4 with USB3 gigabit ethernet adapter (ethernet ports required for WAN and LAN) is good for 100 mbps openvpn speeds on OpenWrt apparently..


I think I've read one blog for how to set up openvpn gateway with just single ethernet port using Raspberry PI OS with previous versions of RPi hardware.  I would think it may work with RPi4 too.   


A new RPi4 with case, power supply and memory card would probably cost upto £60.


There is also the new Wireguard VPN protocol but not all VPN providers offer it.  I've seen 40 mbps speeds through HH5A (Hub One) with OpenWrt on my 55/10mb FTTC connection. That's much faster than 9 mbps with openvpn protocol.  However Wireguard is still in its 'infancy'., and there is room for improvement in how it is implemented in OpenWrt when compared to established OpenVPN in OpenWrt.