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Using Powerline Adaptors

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Using Powerline Adaptors


It would seem that when I order the plusnet tv I may need to order the powerline adaptors as well. Can anyone confirm that these are the pass through type as shown on YouTube, if not I would be unable to use them, also would it be possible to purchase a pack of three so that I can plug in my elderly laptop in another room?


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Re: Using Powerline Adaptors

I know nothing about the Powerline adaptors that Plusnet offer but you don't have to buy from Plusnet.  The majority of Powerline adaptors are not pass-through and you pay a premium for those that are.  Typically they are sold in packs of 2 or extra singles so you will probably have to purchase one of each to get three.  Most but not all have a far-end WiFi capability.

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Re: Using Powerline Adaptors


Hi Chrisvesey,


There are a number of types of powerline adapters but the models that are usually supplied for our Youview customers are the BT 500 / 600 "Flex" models. These are both pass-through models. The standard editions are not.


Let us know if you need to know anything else.