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Problem with pairing to-link adapters

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Problem with pairing to-link adapters

I hope you can help me with a new problem.
I’ve used powerlink adapters for many years and never had a problem with pairing a new one or even replacing the main one after a failure and pairing it with all the remote ones. Earlier this week during a storm the main one made a loud cracking noise and died. Since then I can’t pair devices despite changing the router, Ethernet cable to the main unit and all the phone connection parts. I spent an hour on the phone yesterday with tp-link technical support to no avail. 
i just passed all the Plusnet tests including a factory reset.

can anybody suggest where I go from here?

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Re: Problem with pairing to-link adapters

Hi @Johnvh
If the lightning from a storm visibly damaged one powerline adaptor and the remaing devices will not pair, I would assume the remaining adaptors may also have been damaged by the storm.
Do you have two new adpators?
I guess it is also possible the lightning surge also damaged the Ethernet ports in the equipment connected to the powerline adaptors.
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Re: Problem with pairing to-link adapters


I agree with @RichardB . You have had a severe surge on your mains. Just because one  piece of kit made a noise when it died doen't mean that other mains powered equipment hasn't silently suffered the same fate.

I'm afraid that all that you can practicably do is replace non working equipment piece by piece.

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