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Networking question

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Networking question

We have a Man Cave/ Summer House about 30 metres down the garden. I have run a LAN cable down to there from out house router. Then plug it into a spare router that then runs a Smart TV and X  Box 'hard wired' from the router. What I can't get do is to get the WiFi to work in and around the Man Cave / Summer house from the router. I have tried two different routers now without success. 

To get a WiFi network, do I have to do something with the settings in the Router, or simply does the router option not work for WiFi or is there an alternative means of setting up a WiFi network?

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Re: Networking question

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Re: Networking question


To set the second router up correctly you should set it up as an Access Point. If you need help with this tell us the Router make and model and we can help. If you don't you may have double NATing problems.

However it should still work on wireless in your current configuration if you can use it on Ethernet.

You do realise that you have to go into your device available wireless settings and connect to the second router wireless SSID when you are in the range of that? This will be different to the main router wireless SSID.

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