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Plusnet Hub Two - Hidden Network

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Plusnet Hub Two - Hidden Network

My new Plusnet Hub Two is transmitting a "Hidden Network". I use Wi-Fi for my devices so I do not wish to turn Wi-Fi off entirely. What is this "Hidden Network" and how do I turn it off or disable it, please? I can find nothing in the Hub Manager relating to this.

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Re: Plusnet Hub Two - Hidden Network


Don't worry, it is a left over 'feature' from the devolopment stage. It carries no traffic and is perfectly safe to ignore. We are advised that it will be removed in some future firmware update.

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Re: Plusnet Hub Two - Hidden Network

There will be an option in the not too distant future to disable all Wi-Fi transmission; as long as Wi-Fi is enabled on the hub though, the hidden network is likely to remain.

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