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No Plusnet Activation emails Received & No Router Received

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No Plusnet Activation emails Received & No Router Received

Is it me?
We have migrated away from Pipex because despite completing 3 DD forms they have only taken our monthly payment by this method once.  I have spent hours on the phone to them and sent numerous emails so that I have a record of information.  Yet they had the cheek to send us overdue payment letters when they had all the information they need to collect the money.  If they have contacted a credit reference agency re their inability to collect payments there will be trouble !!!!! LOL
So having read the above you will understand why I wanted to change ISP, I spent many hours researching the best providers and even joined 'Which' to review their recommendations.  Plus Net seemed to best the ideal ISP to serve my needs.
What a mistake it has been and I only got service today !!!! LOL
I only knew they had taken over as my ISP at approx 6.30 am today when Pipex kept erroring my logon - I thought 'oh Plus net must have taken over then.'  I have not had a single email from Plus Net despite being told by an employee, whom shall remain nameless, that they have been sent to my old email account and my new Plus Net account. Well I can't prove that fact and they say that by looking at closed questions on the member centre they can prove that they have sent these emails.
Well please explain this Plus Net
From  Date  Subject 8:54 am A special discount for your subscription 6:02 am + Your broadband is now active!

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Why do I only have 2 emails in my Plus Net box, which I signed into for the 1st time this morning, when you have supposedly sent all these emails to my main email address and copied them to my Plus Net inbox? Not a single email from telling me I have been accepted to the day I will go live, just an email after the fact telling me - you're now live - where are all the intervening emails?
And to add insult to injury I have not received a modem either, I have been checking every day to see if it has been ordered yet and up to as late as 8pm last night it had not - yet you put me live today when there is not a hope in hell of it being received in time.
It's a very good start isn't it?  Oh but you have managed to charge my card £5.99 for P&P and set up the DD just to add insult to injury !!! LOL
I have no contact phone number for you at home and I think it is probably better to wait until I start work at 8am and have internet access to sort this out.  But I get a very argumentative sales person who doesn't really want to help and just wants to waste my works phone bill arguing the toss with me.
I told him what I wanted - he implied the reason I couldn't get online was my own fault, he wanted to talk me through getting online using my Pipex modem - hello - I'm at work, I'm not sitting in front of my home PC and if the emails and modem had been received I wouldn't be wasting your valuable time Mr self important Plus Net employee.  But sorry I forgot this is all my fault I choose to come to Plus Net and I had the cheek to bother you and ask you to do your job - well how silly of me.
Yes I am getting a months' line rental of £9.99 refunded over the next 3 months but I suggested this within the 1st 5 minutes of the conversation with this patronising, arrogant, condescending and rude young man, it took him a further 10 minutes of blaming me before coming to the conclusion that I would rather go without internet at home for possibly another week and use another ISP in place of giving my money to Plus Net.  To retain the sale (I suspect his real job) he deffered to my supierior knowledge that the customer does know what they want and usually says so within the first 5 minutes of the conversation.
Plus Net  - for me 'You couldn't organise a p*ss up in a brewery'  I don't ask you to do my job - so don't ask me to do yours by using existing equipment to bodge a connection to your service because none of your electronic technology has reached me & you can't be bothered to post out a modem until the day an account goes live.
We'll see how things progress but at least I'm on a monthly basis to test you out Huh
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Re: No Plusnet Activation emails Received & No Router Received

Hi Mrsbristy,
Would you mind sending me a personal message with your work telephone number so that I could give you a ring?