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MAC Address Filtering Check - Failed

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MAC Address Filtering Check - Failed

I hope somebody can help as the technical support chat were not at all helpful. My Epson printer reset due to a power cut a couple of weeks ago and so too did my router, since that time, the printer can not connect to the internet wirelessly.


Having ran a network connection check, it comes up with a MAC Address Filtering Check - Fail. Having spoken to Epson directly, they have stated that my ISP needs to turn off MAC address filtering or add the printer's MAC address to resolve this. Apparently the technical team were not able to do this so I am looking for any help here that someone can give me so that I can update this myself. All help appreciated.

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Re: MAC Address Filtering Check - Failed

Welcome to the forum.

Take what Epson say with a pinch of salt. Even if Plusnet did MAC filtering, why would it suddenly kick in after you had a power cut, which could easily screw up both the router and printer firmware settings?

Have you tried doing a factory reset on the router by pushing a paperclip or similar in the reset hole? Keep the switch pressed for at leasr 25 seconds. Wait for the router to reboot and reconnect to the internet. When it's running go through setting up the printer from scratch. If that fails then do a search online to see if you can do a factory reset on the printer.

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Re: MAC Address Filtering Check - Failed

Hi there.

I'm sorry to hear you're having issues connecting your printer to your wireless network.

I agree with Baldrick1, I'd recommend trying a factory reset first. Let us know how it goes.

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Re: MAC Address Filtering Check - Failed

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Re: MAC Address Filtering Check - Failed

My best guess is that for some reason DHCP is failing to allocate an IP address to the printer.


If the printer can display the IP address see if it has a 169.254.x.x address.


Assuming you have one of the "normal" Plusnet routers it will probably allocate addresses in the range


You could try setting a static IP address (say ) and after doing ipconfig on your (windows) PC put in the default gateway and subnet mask that shows you.


It is also possible that the printer won't connect to the WiFi for some other reason (password forgotten) but DHCP failure is my no. 1 guess.


At that point, my guess is the printer will at least be on your network again.


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