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HomeHub 6 Which Type ?

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HomeHub 6 Which Type ?

I'm thinking of buying a second hand BT homehub 6 for use on my plusnet fibre connection.

I heard there are two types of BT HomeHub 6's. One for FTTC customers which is distinguished by 4 x GigE ethernet ports on the rear. And an FTTP one which is distinguished by 3 x GigE Ethernet ports and the forth port re purposed to a 1 x Wan port. question is....

 Which one do I need for my plusnet fibre connection ? I'm guessing I need the FFTC one (fibre to the cabinet) ? I guess the FTTP one is only for BT business customers lucky enough to have fibre to the premises ? Is my assumption correct about which type of homehub 6 I need ?

Thanks for any responses ! 

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Re: HomeHub 6 Which Type ?

You have answered your own question Smiley


If you had FTTP then you would know as it has a fibre box fitted to the outside of your house and another inside (called an ONT) which is the FTTP modem. These 2 are linked by a small fibre optic cable through the wall. There would be no connections to your BT phone line. The ONT looks like this (and has a battery pack with it on the right of the picture.


FTTC devices plug straight into your phone socket.

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