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Finally got a KVM switch..

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Finally got a KVM switch..

Been meaning to get one for years, then with the discovery of remote desktop that need suddenly vanished around 15 years or so ago. Just lately the nipper has got into minecraft and wanted it on the PC aswell as his nintendo. My small quiet PC wasn't up to the job so it was down to the big PC. Only snag is it didn't like playing over RDP and my son was really wimpering with sadness so I had to plug everything into the large PC to get it working for him.

Obviously that then meant to do anything on the small PC I had to turn both on and RDP into the small one - the monitor connection to the big PC was a struggle to reach to make swapping over practical.

Ordered a Lindy KVM switch supporting USB online for under a tenner. Turned up today. Unlike a belkin that i bought on ebay years ago that required extra VGA cables, this one has them built in so setup was a breeze with no extra cables needed. Plugged in the USB plugs into both machines and plugged a usb hub into the KVM along with a mouse and keyboard and it's up and running in under 5 minutes. Now I can persevere using super under powered hardware for my daily needs without hearing concorde deafening me and my little lad can play his minecraft!gh not both at the same time obviously - though I can RDP from my netbook into either machine which both support concurrent desktop sessions!).

If I get any hassles with the Lindy KVM I shall report them in this thread otherwise consider this a positive review after a few days.

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