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Dell OS Recovery Tool

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Dell OS Recovery Tool

Any other Dell users had problems with the July update for the Dell OS Recovery Tool?

I downloaded and installed the update 14th August after daily nagging by the Support Assistant and it said something went wrong, which was a bit odd since it usually says it failed, or reports an error.  It suggested I try one of three options; one was to check my network connection, the second was to restart my computer, I can't remember the third.  I chose to restart my computer but that didn't help.  The computer was very slow and Task Manager showed 100% hard disk use but oddly the problem seemed to disappear after about 8.15 pm. every day.

The Event Log showed that a program called TrueColor TLS was reporting over 50,000 errors an hour so I uninstalled that and an associated program but that didn't help.  A full virus scan found nothing.  Then I found something called Dell Remediation among my programs in Control Panel with a date of 14th August.  Uninstalling that solved the problem. 

A week or so later I installed Dell Support Assist and it immediately started nagging me to install the Dell OS Recovery Tool.  When I ignored it, it started installing it anyway only for the previous problems to return.  Once again Dell Remediation appeared amongst my programs and was promptly uninstalled by me as was Dell Support Assist and Dell OS Recovery Tool, and again the computer went back to normal speed.