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Bypassing Safeguard settings

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Bypassing Safeguard settings


I have suspicions my teenager has discovered how to "get round" the Gaming block I have put on Safeguard recently. Is this possible - and if so how do I reverse this situation? - Apologies if this comes across as a bit simplistic - I'm not massively tech-minded I'm afraid.


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Re: Bypassing Safeguard settings

First change your Plusnet account password. Teens are telepathic when it comes to parental passwords.

I presume you've read this:

Look up "blocking vpn access"in Google. Teens often use private virtual networks to bypass supplier website name checking.

Finally get your teen some Internet safety training and trust them. Let him/her know you'll listen without blame if they find bad stuff on the web.

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Re: Bypassing Safeguard settings

To add to the above. If you're using a Plusnet Hub One then you can set up Access Control - this allows you to stop his internet connection at the times you choose. (I don't think a VPN can bypass this)

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Re: Bypassing Safeguard settings

I would simply use a free web proxy site to evade Plusnet's simplistic blocking.


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Re: Bypassing Safeguard settings

SafeGuard can only work if you’re using Plusnet DNS servers, so if you’ve changed these (either on your router settings or computer) try changing it back.

Conversely, if you want to bypass Safeguard, change the DNS server setting on your computer.  To check a Windows computer, open a CMD window and type ipconfig /all then press enter.  DNS servers will be listed amongst the various parameters.  The DNS server address should be the same as the Default Gateway i.e. the IP address of your router.