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Are Plusnet's Cookies Special?

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Are Plusnet's Cookies Special?

Every time I go to the PN site I am asked to confirm my cookies setting. I do it. Whatever I do - accept, change, save different settings, anything at all, next time I go to the site it asks again.

So what's up? I allow cookies. No other site acts like this. All of my cookies work just fine with dozens of other sites. Are PN's cookies some sort of special breed?




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Re: Are Plusnet's Cookies Special?

I know plusnets cookies have changed recently as I used to just save the forum cookie and that was enough.

Now I have to save the site cookie as well otherwise I get the blah blah cookie pop up when I visit the forum.

Maybe you have an old pre-change cookie messing things up (that needs deleting). Who knows.

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Re: Are Plusnet's Cookies Special?

I've only recently been posting again but must admit I'm not a fan of the 'large' cookie prompt, but know why it's there.

What I've noticed so far:

If I'm logged out and come to these forums, every page carries the cookie screen (top image)

If I'm still logged out, but go to change the settings I have some already switched off by default (lower image)

PNCF Cookie prompt.PNG

Regardless to either of the above, as soon as I log in the cookie screen goes away - even if I don't accept or change, so therefore I don't see how I can change them at any time after logging in.


Having said that, I only allow and scripts - all others are set to not trusted (personal preference).

Here's what NoScript (note: experimental) has to say about and (for anybody interested);;


With reference to the cookie prompt main page, it states the following "Cookies on the Plusnet website" - I thought I'd found them, until I realised it was actually biscuit crumbs on me laptop screen!! I'll get my coat