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AUTH_TOPEER_FAILED when trying to log in using new router

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AUTH_TOPEER_FAILED when trying to log in using new router

I have a Home Hub 5 which has been flashed with OpenWRT.

1) The vendor offered tech support, but got confused when I told him that I had a static IP. Eventually we decided to connect using PPPoE, but when I try to connect using this website's credentials I get the AUTH_TOPEER_FAILED error.

2) Another thread tempted me me to change my password, which I did. But I still access this site with my first pwd, and neither pwd works on the router.

3) On my dashboard is a message:

"An error has occurred

You can't change your products for the moment, you already have a product change in progress."


Advice please ... do I sort out the AUTH_TOPEER_FAILED, the "product change in progress" or the eeny-meeny password?


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Re: AUTH_TOPEER_FAILED when trying to log in using new router


Whether to use PPPoA or PPPoE depends on whether you are on ADSL of Fibre. See here for the full settings

Even though you are on a fixed Plusnet IP address you should set the router to obtain the IP address automatically.

Do you actually have a product change in progress at the moment? If not you need to ring Plusnet and find out what has happened and/or get whatever it is cancelled.

You need to use whichever password works with your account (followed by

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