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Member Centre Improvements

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Member Centre Improvements

From Tuesday the 6th November Residential and Business broadband customers will see an updated Member Centre.

The project has focussed on updating the look and feel of the existing pages that we currently have.

As this is the first phase of the redesign, not all of the content has been updated. We’ve created a new home page as well as updating the design of the pages that link from the new homepage. 

The rest will follow in due course and we’ll be working on removing some of the redundant pages to create a more streamlined customer experience.

When customers navigate to Member Centre they’ll see a redesigned login page.

This will be seen for direct traffic to Member Centre, as well as people being directed via a bookmarked page, hyperlink or an existing landing page.


When customers log in to Member Centre they will be shown a new homepage which is also responsive to mobile devices.

The content of the page has been designed with customer feedback and usage information in mind. Customers will see their next bill date and a summary of their chargeable (subscription based) products.

A key feature is that customers will now have easy access to their contract information. The status bar will give them an indication of how long is left on their contract.



To ease navigation throughout the site, the standard Plusnet header & footer will be seen within Member Centre

The new menu bar will be seen throughout Member Centre, regardless of the page that the customer navigates to. The product-specific icons are displayed, providing the customer has the product on their account

The icons take customers to the following pages:

Home  The homepage/dashboard

Manage Account  Redesigned manage account Menu

Billing and payments page

My Perks New customer benefits page

Product Change  Existing product change/upgrades page

Broadband   Redesigned connection settings page

Phone    Redesigned home phone control panel

TV    Existing channel packs page

Add-Ons    Redesigned add–ons page


My Perks

My Perks outlines all the benefits customers get for being a Plusnet broadband customer. It highlights the things they get as standard (top section) such as Caller Display and Plusnet Protect.

The bottom section outlines the additional products customer can receive, with exclusive prices/products such as Mates Rates mobile deals and the BT Sports App.

Over time we’ll build on this page to give customers more great offers and benefits.




 Jono H
 Plusnet Community Manager