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we're a little busy

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we're a little busy

I had a problem with my bill this month. Line rental was added twice when I have already paid in advance for the whole year.

Emails to Plusnet support are now blocked - what a pain.

I clicked on "chat to an online adviser" instead. Get the message "we're a little busy". Click on "join queue". The message pops up "sorry a Plusnet chat agent isn't available at the minute".

I've tried this dozens of times over the last 24 hours, all with the same result.

Is there any reliable way of getting through to customer services. I've tried phoning in the past but the delay is always intolerable. Also I find it better to put my concerns in writing.

Getting fed up with Plusnet customer services. Is anyone there?

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Re: we're a little busy

finally got through at 8:30 on Sunday morning. 30 minutes queued then 20 minutes for a very helpful operator to solve my query.

But overall, a painful and very time-consuming way to contact Plusnet.

Please bring back email contact! Or at least a way of raising a ticket online.

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Re: we're a little busy

Welcome to the community @jandagordon.

Just for your information, Plusnet have never had an email option for support questions, and sadly (IMO) have decided that Chat or Facebook are their preferred support channels.

Fortunately in my 6+ years with them, I have had very few real problems, and those have been dealt with via phone (yes I know the queues are terrible), or by posting in the relevant boards within the forum.

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Re: we're a little busy

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