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OFCOM General Conditions of Entitlement - Complaints

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OFCOM General Conditions of Entitlement - Complaints

I wish to draw Plusnet's attention to their failure to comply with the OFCOM General Conditions of Entitlement (GCoE) with regards to the handling of the submission of complaints.

With particular regard to complaints by mobile customers, Plusnet are failing to provide the third required avenue of complaints as listed in the GCoE Annex to Condition C4 Section 1.4, that is there is no link from the Plusnet "Complaints Code of Practice" for mobile customers to complaint via email or dedicated web page.

This has been a requirement since 1 October 2018 and is not an option that Plusnet can opt out of or ignore in any way.

From the GCoE Annex to Condition C4 Section 1.4

4 A Regulated Provider must allow Relevant Customers to make Complaints by at least the following three means:

(a) a Telephone Number which is either a ‘free to call’ number or a number charged at the equivalent of a geographic call rate;

(b) a UK postal address;

and (c) either an email address or an internet web page form dedicated to allowing Relevant Customers to lodge Complaints.

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: OFCOM General Conditions of Entitlement - Complaints

Thanks for flagging this up @SpendLessTime,


I've made sure this has been flagged up with the relevant people to look in to further.

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 Harry Beesley