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speed caps

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speed caps
With traffic prioritisation we can do lots of clever things to make sure everyone gets a good, fair online experience. For example we can:
Make sure stuff that needs to be fast (like VoIP, VPN and gaming) is always prioritised - if these run slowly, they won't work properly

We do not apply rate limits to any of our current residential or business products.

Then explain why Steam and some games patching have recently all been capped to lower speed, off shoot for some games are that patches are corrupted.
e.g. Steam I never see over 2MB/s when downloading any game, use a vpn and back to 3MB/s the max speed for my connection
e.g. Warframe when ever I try to get a patch I get at best 1MB/s and the patch is corrupted no matter the time of day I try, again use a vpn and back to 3MB/s
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Re: speed caps

That's very good point there Gus! But even if there's some bugs in the traffic management - I've no doubt there is Roll_eyes  - I don't see why you should be getting problems with corruption Shocked
Have you raised a fault at ?