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plusnet, defend thyself!!

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plusnet, defend thyself!!
keep in mind how plus net deal with issues...poorly!
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Re: plusnet, defend thyself!!

That link just goes to a price comparison page listing several providers, and omitting several more.
I'm guessing that those not listed are the ones that havent paid the site to be there.
If you are looking at price/cost etc work out how much each provider will cost you over the period of the contract ( with special offers) and beyond the minimum term contract without any introductory offers) Also look at line rental, line rental packages ( ie line rental saver -in my opinion plusnets LRS is no longer worth the saving unless you can negotiate a deal ) Call packages, and any call features such as 1571, 1471, caller id/display, and so on.
Also look at samknows to see what, if any LLU providers are there. If you are classed as a high cost area by plusnet, but talk talk have LLU equipment on your exchange they will be signifficantly cheaper than plusnet.
Use these prices to bargain with plusnet, if they cant or wont match then dont moan, move.