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great customer service

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great customer service

so, my internet and phone line disappeared around 5pm on Monday night
with no phone line I couldn't contact (not too inclined to spend time on hold on a mobile)
I asked my sister to report the fault - within 1/2 an hour she told me the the fault had been accepted, was "not within my house" and would be fixed by 12pm on Weds
Today (Weds) the OR guy contacted me and said he was investigating, a couple of hours later he was busy reconnecting about 1/2 my neighbourhood!
It turned out some numpty had cut right through the main cable cutting off at least 20 properties - the OR guy thinks it was deliberate!
anyway - I am pleased that my fault could be reported by someone on my behalf and that such a major issue was still resolved within the time-frame initially suggested
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Re: great customer service

Hi there,
Thanks for the positive feedback. It's always nice to hear when things go well.
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